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Archived Press Releases
November 21, 2013
emsCharts, Inc. Hires David DiDesiderio as Quality Assurance Specialist
August 22, 2013
emsCharts, Inc. Hires Jason Bartholomai as Technical Support Specialist
August 19, 2013
emsCharts Announces Additional Security Features for Electronic Signatures: Verification meets Ohio State Board of Pharmacy Positive Identification requirement for dangerous drugs transactions
March 5, 2013
emsCharts, Inc. Hires Brian Harris as Technical Support Specialist
October 21, 2012
emsCharts Announces Enhanced Features for Critical Care Transport: Enhancements to current product unveiled to CCT User Group at AMTC in Seattle
May 21, 2012
emsCharts Announces Product Changes and Enhancements at Annual User Conference
Jan 12, 2012
emsCharts, Inc. Hires Ryan Regan as Technical Support Specialist: Regan formerly of Allegheny R&D software company
Jan 01, 2012
Peter Goutmann Accepts Role as President at emsCharts, Inc., John Massie transitions to CEO
Jan 01, 2012
emsCharts, Inc. Announces Adam C. Mihlfried as Director of Software Development
Sept 22, 2011
emsCharts, Inc. Hires Deborah McCoy-Freeman as Assistant Training Director
May 9, 2011
emsCharts Teams With FirePrograms Software for Fire Records Management: Partnership fuses product and industry expertise for Fire and EMS
March 10, 2011
emsCharts, Inc. Hires Mike Papciak as Customer Support Specialist
December 2, 2010
emsCharts Awarded 2010 Innovations in EMS Recognition for SyncPen Product: EMS World's Top Innovations Awards presented in Austin, Texas
October 11, 2010
emsCharts Inc. announces the release of the SyncPen application:Innovative new tool is the first of its kind in the industry
October 4, 2010
emsCharts Teams with RSQ911 Solutions for Emergency Incident Feedback Surveys: Functionality streamlines survey data from different sectors of the healthcare industry
September 2, 2010
emsCharts Inc. Hires Janice Nagel as Support Specialist
July 7, 2010
emsCharts Enhances Pediatric and Neonatal Care Functionality in Data Collection Software:Changes address unique needs of pediatric critical care transport teams
June 25, 2010
emsCharts, Inc. Launches New Training Format:Self-directed training pages intended to streamline new customer implementation
May 26, 2010
emsCharts Announces Customer User Groups:Customer-run groups to promote product knowledge and sense of community