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Allegheny Health Network Selects emsCharts
as Electronic Patient Care Report (ePCR) Tool
Platform to serve as standard Clinical Charting tool for all EMS transport agencies within AHN

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - October 19, 2015 - emsCharts is pleased to announce that it has been selected by Allegheny Health Network (AHN) as the standard Electronic Patient Care Report (ePCR) tool for all EMS patient transports within the Network.

"We surveyed the market and evaluated many vendors against our unique set of requirements for the Western Pennsylvania region," said Eric Schmidt, Outreach Development Coordinator for AHN Prehospital Services and lead investigator for the ePCR Selection Committee. "After a comprehensive evaluation, we polled our user community and emsCharts garnered an overwhelming majority of the vote as the preferred provider ePCR tool for EMS transports. We are pleased to continue our long standing partnership with emsCharts and look forward to being an early adopter of many new features and modules of this platform as they become available."

"emsCharts is constantly investing in new features and functions to meet the needs of our customers," said Pete Goutmann, President and CTO of emsCharts. "These new modules will positively impact AHN and their member transport agencies. Two of these modules that will have a significant impact include Hospital Status Board and emsCharts Analytics." The emsCharts Hospital Status Board will allow EMS agencies to communicate bi-directionally in real time with the Hospital Emergency Department via the emsCharts Mobile charting application. The emsCharts Analytics package was successfully demonstrated at the annual emsCharts User Conference held in Pittsburgh in early May. This powerful emsCharts module will bring the analytics capability from Golden Hour, emsCharts' parent company, to the emsCharts community and allow authorized users to derive knowledge from their data."

Approximately 200,000 patient records per year are entered into emsCharts by AHN Prehospital Services' 76 Medical Command agencies, which includes LifeFlight, AHN Paramedic Response Units and Canonsburg Ambulance. Additionally, emsCharts provides the capability of a fully integrated HL7 interface to a hospital's EMR, which allows data from the prehospital patient record to flow to and from the hospital patient record and update data fields in both directions.

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Pete Goutmann
emsCharts, Inc.