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emsCharts is Selected by TransCare as EMS Clinical Charting Solution
TransCare's selection of emsCharts as their standard Clinical Charting tool for documenting their EMS transports will cover all of TransCare's markets in New York, Pennsylvania and Maryland

Brooklyn, New York - August 25, 2015 - TransCare Corporation, one of the largest privately-held providers of healthcare transportation services in the United States, announced today that it has selected emsCharts as their standard Clinical Charting tool for their fleet of EMS ambulances within the New York region and beyond.

"We completed a comprehensive review of many Electronic Patient Care (ePCR) solutions and selected emsCharts as our preferred vendor for the entire TransCare fleet throughout the New York, Pennsylvania, and Maryland markets we serve," said Glenn Leland, TransCare CEO. "We selected emsCharts based on their long list of product features as well as their superb customer references. We were also impressed with their high level of customer service and responsiveness demonstrated throughout the selection process."

"We look forward to working closely with TransCare and supporting their critical mission to provide quality EMS services to the communities they serve," said Pete Goutmann, President and CTO of emsCharts. "At emsCharts, we are proud of our technical capabilities, but we are most proud of the promises we make and keep with our customers - the promise of quality, innovation and a level of customer focus that sets us apart. We are honored to be selected as a strategic partner with TransCare and look forward to demonstrating our expertise and focus on customer service in the years to come."

Over 1,900 full and part-time employees of TransCare will utilize emsCharts to document clinical encounters with their patients as they provide quality patient care and life saving services. emsCharts is designed to streamline documentation by allowing mobile charting and automated linkage with clinical monitors in a cloud based environment, allowing clinicians to remain focused on patient care rather than documentation.

About TransCare

TransCare Corporation (www.transcare.com) was founded in 1993, and grew through a series of acquisitions. TransCare, has become one of the largest privately-held providers of healthcare transportation services in the United States with operations in New York (including New York City and Hudson Valley), Philadelphia, Baltimore and Pittsburgh. TransCare provides a full range of medical services including emergency ambulance services (911) in New York City and Hudson Valley, Non-Emergency and critical care ambulance services, Paratransit services in New York City (Access-A-Ride program), shuttle services for hospitals, nursing homes, adult day care and other health care facilities, and call center services for hospitals and clinics in all its markets.

About emsCharts

emsCharts (www.emscharts.com) provides pre-hospital care professionals with dynamic, state-of-the-art solutions for optimized patient health care, quality assurance and operational productivity. Developed in conjunction with and fully tested by medical and public safety professionals, emsCharts software products provide a total solution at a flat monthly fee.

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