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RSQ911 Survey Software Interface

RSQ911 Solutions provides a customized customer satisfaction survey for air and ground ambulance providers to collect feedback on their crew interactions.  emsCharts has a collaborative partnership that connects our web-based patient data collection and incident reporting to RSQ911 Solutions' online survey tool. The streamlined functionality allows EMS agencies to easily connect a particular patient event to survey feedback from hospital personnel and other EMS on the scene, as well as feedback from patients and their families.


RSQ911 Interface Features

  • Sends pertinent incident data directly from emsCharts to the RSQ911 mission survey
  • Export takes place after the entry of a single mission code
  • Eliminates work and data entry
  • 100% compliance of data export


RSQ911 Solutions provides a customized web-based survey that is distributed by an EMS agency to everybody involved in the transport and care of a patient. When the emergency incident is over and transport is complete, hospital and EMS personnel engaged on the emergency call can login and provide feedback on the quality of service provided by that EMS agency. Patients and their families are also encouraged to complete a survey. The result is a collection of industry insights and public perceptions that the EMS agency can use to evaluate the quality of service that they are providing to the community.


Read the emsCharts / RSQ911 Press Release here.

Contact RSQ911 Solutions, LLC directly for information on their survey solution.