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Research Module

Have you ever wanted the ability to ask a prehospital provider specific questions about their call?  Are you currently able to quickly and effeciently provide empirical data to support prehospital initiatives?

Gain knowledge and achieve results with the emsCharts Research Module!


What is the emsCharts Research Module?

emsCharts Research gives a research person the ability to create an unlimited number of customizable research questionnaires, invite any emsCharts user (self or others) to participate, and run statistical reports on the responses.


How does it work?

Research begins with a researcher creating a research study. This involves entering general data about the study, selecting chart criteria to be met, and entering questions. Once this has been completed, the researcher then invites Services to participate in the study by selecting Regions and/or Command Facilities. An email may also be sent to the service administrators to alert them to the new research opportunity.

Research questionnaires are triggered by criteria documented on the electronic patient care record (ePCR).

For example, if the prehospital provider documents an orotracheal intubation, then an "Airway" research questionnaire may be triggered. If the provider documents a trauma patient, then a "Lactate Use" questionnaire may be triggered. If the provider documents a trauma patient that is orotracheally intubated then both research questionnaires are triggered.

The emsCharts agency invited to participate in a research project has the option to opt in/opt out of a research project, to make the research optional or required (page 9), and to allow the researcher to view the anonymous chart.

Lastly the researcher can be notified of a research enrollment through email.  They can view statistics online and/or export statistics to 3rd party reporting tools.


What are some ways that the Research Module is being used?

Some current research projects are STEMI Candidates, Airway Studies, Manual vs. Arterial blood pressure monitors, Ventilator bedside times, Lactate values vs. StO2 values, Intraosseous cannulation studies, and more.

The research module gives the researcher the ability to evaluate intervention strategies to determine their effectiveness, use data assessment to compare and contrast different users for measurable outcomes, and save money by giving accurate data.


How do I subscribe to the Research Module so that I can conduct my own research?

Contact your emsCharts Representative to learn more about the Research Module.