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Remote Downloader

The emsCharts Remote Downloader is a data replication tool.  It is a Windows Service that may be installed at the State, Command Facility, Billing Company, Hospital, or Service.  When a patient chart is locked in emsCharts, the Remote Downloader deposits a copy of the record at the location where the Windows Service is installed.  This means that the patient record information is instantly available to the hospital, billing company, or any other party that has this emsCharts module installed.


Remote Downloader Features

  • Ability to deliver patient chart information instantly to a State, Command Facility, Billing Company, Hospital, or other party that has the Remote Downloader installed.
  • Multiple formats available: image file, PDF, HTML, XML raw data (NEMSIS), or printed to a network printer.
  • Billing formats available to send data to third party billing systems (ZOLL, AIM, NEMSIS based XML).
  • Option to include all attachments with the download.
  • Can be used in conjunction with business objects solutions for legacy data reporting.


How It Works

Once started, the service opens a secure socket with emsCharts and downloads a PCR after it is locked. The downloaded PCR can be printed to a network or local printer, saved as an image (TIF, BMP, GIF, JPG), saved as an HTML file, or saved as an XML representation of the raw data

The Remote Downloader is a queuing technology, meaning that the emsCharts servers will place the ID of the chart to be downloaded into a queue once available. Periodically, at a time interval specified in the configuration, the Remote Downloader will check for charts in the queue and will download those charts all at once.