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Outreach / TargetingMatrix®

The emsCharts Outreach module features the innovative TargetingMatrix® - an integrated charting and marketing tool. The Targeting Matrix is a collaborative development between emsCharts and ThinkThroughTools, who both have over 20 years of experience in the EMS marketplace. The Outreach Module can be used to track referral patterns, document customer interactions, assign decision making status, and much more; all resulting in improved business and increased flight requests.

Outreach Features

The emsCharts Outreach Module is a system based on proven marketplace strategies to maintain, track, and analyze customers, contacts, and referral patterns.

  • Create contacts and manage their influence status
  • Document contact and customer interactions; Schedule future interactions
  • Assign priority weighting to customers and activities
  • Budget and allocate resources; Perform forecast budgeting
  • Increase transport requests
  • Categorize and stratify outreach targets
  • Perform form letter mail merges and label exports from contact information
Outreach OS

Outreach OS is the enhanced outreach module with updated functionality for improved referral reporting, contact management, and activity logging. Includes the ability to send HTML-based email templates, perform budgeting and expense reporting, and better workflow management.

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