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In September 2006, The National Emergency Medical Services Information System (NEMSIS) Technical Assistance Center (TAC) announced that emsCharts, Inc. products achieved Gold Level Compliance with the NEMSIS national standards for electronic patient data collection. emsCharts fully adheres to the NEMSIS Gold Standard for data collection and the transfer of data via XML, and includes as a minimum, 100% of NHTSA 2.2 data points, and currently exports all data in an XML format as specified by NEMSIS. emsCharts is actively involved in the NEMSIS 3 process and will make the conversion to NEMSIS 3**.

**Click here for important information about the emsCharts NEMSIS v3 Transition Process.


NEMSIS Features

  • NEMSIS Gold Compliant  (Process of conversion to NEMSIS 3 underway)
  • Ability for agency to customize their data set while still maintaining NEMSIS Compliance
  • Ability to show or hide certain fields in order to comply with local and/or regional requirements
  • Automatic generation of NEMSIS data at the completion of every chart
  • Process Validation as records are exported and tested against the NEMSIS XSD templates


emsCharts has created the technology to deploy the NEMSIS data set with agency customization requests while keeping a single source database. This is taken a step further to create levels of access (quality assurance, incident reporting, continuing education, certification tracking, research, etc.) to regions within the state for local customization. For example, the sea side counties of New Jersey may have different injury patterns (shark bite, salt-water drowning, etc) than inland counties. Providing regions and end users the ability to create their own values and “map� them back to the NEMSIS data point gives the control some of the configuration resulting in end user satisfaction while keeping a sterile data dictionary. This leads to a more efficient and precise platform to report to different state departments of information technology, licensure, certification, highway traffic, and fatality.