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FirePrograms Software Interface

FirePrograms Software provides emergency service agencies with a comprehensive and integrated records management solution.  emsCharts has a collaborative partnership that connects our web-based patient data collection and incident reporting software to FirePrograms Software for fire records management.

The interaction between the two products streamlines data entry for Fire Departments that are required to perform EMS incident reporting in addition to fire incident reporting. The emsCharts connector for FirePrograms provides two way data transfer between emsCharts and FirePrograms software systems.


FirePrograms Interface Features

  • Import PCR data directly into the fire incident report
  • Import PCR data directly into the fire officer's report
  • Reciprocal data exchange from FirePrograms back into emsCharts
  • Fire officer can link ePCR to a current fire incident for NFIRS reporting
  • Eliminates work and duplicate data entry for Fire and EMS reporting


FirePrograms offers a wide variety of software and hardware products for Fire Department management. Departments that respond to fire incidents and also treat patients are required to complete separate reports on both the fire incident and the patient encounter. By connecting the FirePrograms NFIRS 2.0 compliant incident record to emsCharts' NEMSIS Gold compliant patient data collection and management program, users will not need to duplicate data entry efforts.

Read the emsCharts / FirePrograms Press Release here.

The collaborative functionality between emsCharts, Inc. and FirePrograms Software requires subscriptions to both services. Contact FirePrograms Software for additional information on their solution for Fire reporting, and more.