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Hosted Faxing

emsCharts Hosted Faxing solution provides the ability to automatically fax a patient record to a designated recipient upon chart closure.  The location to which the fax is sent can be conditional based on business rules that your service configures.  Most obvious is to send a faxed copy of the completed record to the receiving facility on the chart.  Patient records can also be automatically faxed to certain locations for certain call types.  For example, on a DOA call the chart can be auto-faxed to the coroner.


Hosted Faxing Features

emsCharts Hosted Faxing provides the following features:

  • Automatic fax of patient record upon chart closure
  • Pre-configured destinations based on the call type
  • The ability to manually send a patient record to any fax number upon request
  • Email notification for successful and/or unsuccessful fax attempts
  • Access to a fax log to show successful and unsuccessful faxes
  • Optional inclusion of chart attachments
  • Self-hosted solution is also available for larger volume agencies


Eliminate uncertainty in chart delivery.  Automate your process and take the burden off of the crews so that they can get back to what's most important... patient care.