emsCharts EKG Import to web

EKG Import to Web

The emsCharts online EKG interface allows the import of vital sign data, wave forms, and events from the monitor directly into your patient record on emsCharts.com, reducing the time for data entry and further streamlining the process.


EKG Import Features

  • Imports trended vitals and event markers into the patient record in emsCharts.com.
  • Attaches wave forms electronically to the ePCR on emsCharts.com.
  • Once data is imported to emsCharts.com, it is allowed to be modified, updated, or removed.


Available Imports

emsCharts EKG Import to Web currently interfaces with the following devices:



  • LIFEPAK® 15 monitor/defibrillator
  • LIFEPAK® 12 monitor/defibrillator

* Requires LIFENET® System subscription and LIFENET® capable monitor/defibrillator from Physio-Control.



  • X Series®

** Requires ZOLL Online Account with "Case Review" enabled (must contact your ZOLL representative).


Ask your emsCharts Sales Representative for model-specific information and interface availability.


Don't see your device listed?

If you do not see your device listed in our Available Imports above, please check out our EKG Interface to Mobile option.