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CAD Import

emsCharts has developed an interface to several commercially available Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) products.  The emsCharts CAD interface pulls dozens of dispatch fields directly into the patient record, resulting in less time spent entering the information by hand. 


CAD Import Features

  • Imports dispatch data directly into the ePCR
  • Alleviates work on crews.  Eliminates the need to enter dozens of data points by hand.
  • CAD reconciliation report displays each dispatched call and the resulting ePCR, highlighting any gaps in entries.


How It Works

emsCharts contains several Application Programming Interfaces (API) in the form of Web Services allowing third party CAD vendors to send data to emsCharts using XML. Data can then be linked and imported to a new or existing PCR.

Pre-hospital and dispatch data can be imported from mobile data collection devices via an XML web service. Dispatch data residing on other systems can also be imported via an XML web service.


CAD Interfaces

Please contact emsCharts, Inc. to determine whether we have a current interface with your CAD vendor*.


* Additional fees from the CAD vendor may apply.  Quantity of data fields to import is dependent upon CAD vendor.