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Billing Export

We at emsCharts, Inc. know our expertise.  We know that we are experts in collecting and managing EMS data.  Billing services do not fall under our expertise, but we are happy to provide our customers with collaborative solutions that combine our data collection knowledge and experience with the experience of  third party billing companies and billing software packages.  This results in a true best-of-breed solution for the needs of our customers.


Billing Export Features

emsCharts can extract pertinent patient and charting information for use by a billing department or third party billing company. Exports to standard billing software eliminates duplicative data entry. emsCharts has developed exports for several commonly used billing packages with little to no customization. To assist in the billing process, administrators can track specialized data points within the PCR such as Notice of Privacy Practices, and Activity Audit (free form questions to be answered by providers).

The following is a list of off-the-shelf billing software packages to which emsCharts provides billing data exports:

  • AIM®  (RAM Software Systems)
  • RescueNet® Billing  (ZOLL)
  • Sweet-Billing  (TriTech Software Systems)
  • NEMSIS-based billing  (various)


Third-party billing companies can use our billing data exports to bulk import your PCR data to their billing software.


Billing Partner Companies

emsCharts has fostered relationships with dozens of reputable third party billing companies across the nation.  Our joint partnership with these companies provides our mutual clients with the most customized ePCR+billing solution to meet their needs.

We encourage you to explore our list of valued billing partners.