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What is Outreach?

The emsCharts Outreach module, which includes the innovative Targeting Matrix®, is an integrated tool for Customer Relationship Management (CRM).  It is a means of tracking customers and contacts, assigning customer loyalty/decision-making status, tracking interactions/deliverables, and reporting referral patterns.

Why is tracking interactions important for an Outreach Team?

Knowledge is everything!  Knowing the good and the bad for every customer will help you to manage resources and grow your business.  Tracking interactions will create a recorded history with a customer so new Outreach Members can view information/recommendations specific for an individual or a service.

You can also manage your follow up interactions resulting in improved Issue Resolution and Increased Referrals.

Can I add custom interactions in the Outreach Module?

Yes. Since each service has their own marketing approach, we have given you the flexibility to create your own interactions for individuals and services.

What can I do with the information?

Administrators can run reports on the information collected. A multitude of standard reports can be run based on the personnel, type of interaction, specific facility, specific county, expenses, referral trends, and much more.

Contacts can be categorized and bulk emails sent to various contact roles for increased communication, educational programs, follow-up activities, and more.