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On how many devices am I permitted to install emsCharts mobile?

Unlimited. There are no licensing restrictions for emsCharts mobile. Since it connects with emsCharts, and emsCharts is an online subscription, there is no need to restrict your use of the emsCharts mobile software by limiting the number of devices you can use.

How easy is it to set up emsCharts mobile?

Configuring emsCharts mobile is simple. When you connect your mobile device to the Internet and access emsCharts, you can download your service and command facility code tables (i.e. your emsCharts settings). There is only one database to configure. All devices will replicate your database for consistency.

Does PHI remain on the mobile device?

No. Once a PCR is uploaded to emsCharts, all PHI is removed from that device.

How do I get my forms on emsCharts mobile?

Forms are created in the web configuration and can be downloaded to emsCharts mobile. You can also create signature pages (e.g. referring/receiving physician, parent/guardian, witness, etc.) to be placed on these forms. Once the chart is complete, the PCR may be printed with the associated forms and/or can be made available on the web for your billing department/company. There is no paper to mail or fax. The system is fully electronic and completely paperless!

Can I place other documents on emsCharts mobile?

Absolutely! You can upload service policies/procedures, protocols, lists of commonly used phone numbers, or whatever you choose. You are only limited by your imagination.

How do I upload my chart?

Connect your device to the Internet via a landline or wireless connection and "upload" the patient care records to the Web. There you are able to "lock" the chart for Quality Assurance.