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What are the advantages to being Web based?

Real-time, anywhere, anytime access to your information. Your Billing department/company, QA personnel, medical directors, supervisors, and staff can all obtain the information that they need - instantly.

Easy Configuration. With only one database to configure, changes are quick and easy. Plus, once a configuration change is made it is instantly available.

Collaborative access. You can grant access to your patient records to entities such as billing companies and hospitals; eliminating phone calls.

How often is emsCharts updated?

Published enhancements are available to all emsCharts customers almost weekly. Once an enhancement is placed in production, that enhancement is available for all emsCharts customers; keeping emsCharts and its users on the cutting edge of field documentation, operations, and billing.

How secure is my information?

Data is SSL secured with a 128 Bit key. Current sources state that 128 Bit Key will not be broken for one trillion years. Your data may only be compromised should one of your staff reveal his/her login information. Internal security measures, such as automatic time-out and password management, have been put in place to deter such occurrences.

How is emsCharts invoiced?

emsCharts charges you according to your annual call volume. You pay only for what you use and there are no up front costs for licensing or installation. You can also pay for emsCharts monthly at no risk. If it doesn't meet your expectations, notify us and the service can be discontinued.

How customizable is emsCharts? What if I need to add something to my service?

emsCharts has over 300 easily configurable options at the service level. Our training philosophy teaches you how to administer emsCharts for your own service, thus eliminating long term customization cost.

Can I set up mandatory fields?

Yes, you can make any data point mandatory.

What kind of reporting is available?

There are over 120 standard EMS reports that can be viewed as a table, pie chart, bar chart, or can be copied to MS Excel. emsCharts also has a custom report utility to create any report you like using data points from the patient care record. Reports can be scheduled to run at pre-determined intervals, with the output automatically emailed to individuals requiring the information.

Is emsCharts HIPPA compliant?

Yes. emsCharts has multiple means to maintain Internet security as well as user management?

Is emsCharts JHACO friendly?

Yes. By working with regional teaching facilities, we've received valuable input on how to meet and exceed JHACO standards. For example, there are no abbreviations in our list of histories, medications, and allergies.

Does emsCharts export to my state?

emsCharts exports data to several states and we are constantly working to add additional capabilities as needed. Contact emsCharts directly to see whether we already export to your state.

Is emsCharts NEMSIS compliant?

Yes, emsCharts provides both the Full NHTSA 2.2 and Minimum Requirements data sets.

Does emsCharts export to NFIRS?

Yes, emsCharts supports NFIRS 5.0.

What are some extra features that I can add on to my emsCharts system?
  • emsCharts mobile - offline Laptop/Tablet version
  • Archiving - downloading your information as raw data
  • GeoCoding - spacial analysis of your calls/responses
  • Billing Export - ability to electronically send your information to software billing packages
  • Outreach - Marketing, customer contact management, and referral pattern analysis