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emsCharts mobile v3

Take the Fear out of Field Documentation!

emsCharts, Inc. presents the latest tool for electronic patient data collection. In 2005, we pioneered the industry with our offline patient data collection application for tablets and laptop PCs. We're now announcing the long awaited, refreshed version of our innovative emsCharts Mobile application.


With new and enhanced features, the v3 update provides simple, yet sophisticated tools to increase documentation speed and accuracy.


emsCharts mobile v3 Features

For the Provider:

Easy and Intuitive - Everything that you need at your fingertips!
Color-coded fields let you know which are required
Age and gender specific 360° body diagram for secondary survey
Burn charts and calculators
Medication calculators: Medical Infusion and Length Based Tape Measure
Medical report screen that builds itself from data in the PCR
Built-in protocol guides to help you complete the call and the PCR
Chart templates to make documentation easier and faster
Touch-screen technology for easy, one-touch program navigation
Quick Action screen for single-click events in rapid succession
Freehand notepad that attaches your notes to the ePCR
Reference Documents link for easy access to protocols, drug references, and other important resources
PDF signature forms - upload your existing paper forms and capture electronic signatures directly on the form


For the Administrator:


Total control over the service configuration
Unlimited application downloads - no end-user licensing
Automatic software updates for hassle free maintenance
Administrative web tools to assure standardization of data
Increased signature compliance
Securely uploads data to emsCharts.com in real time


What's New...

Totally Refreshed Screens 

  • Bigger Buttons

  • Color Coding
  • Standardization of button locations
  • Standardized Toolbars
  • Standardized "back" and "next" buttons

Hot Buttons 

  • Quickly jump to common pages

Custom Signature Pages 

  • Ability to create custom signature pages with check boxes and text fields

Page by Page Validations 

  • page by page required fields

Anatomical Exam 

  • Rotate 3-D on a 360 degree axis
  • Zoom to specific location
  • Adult, Child, Newly Born
  • Male and Female


  • Quick reference slide in/out protocol window
  • Customizable to adapt to EMS agencies specific needs
  • Interactive decision trees for changes in protocols
  • Hot link to associated documents

Charting by Protocol 

  • Customized protocol
  • Once a protocol is viewed the buttons act as quick action buttons to fill out the activity log

Activity Log 

  • Simple, easy to view chronological order of vital signs
  • Simple or detailed view of procedure performed
  • Vital signs tailored to call type (Basic vs. Advanced)

System Requirements

Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional, Windows® Vista, Windows 7 (64 bit will be supported as well)

Processor: 1 GHz Intel Pentium III Processor or higher

Memory (RAM): 2GB

Disk Space: 300 MB

Display: 800 X 600 resolution

(Screen resolution should support 800 x 600. Should be resizable to 1024 x 768 without loss of any screen visibility.)