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While the focus of pre-hospital information management will always be the medical record, emergency care providers and managers have far broader needs. emsCharts provides an agency with a true Intranet - a web site dedicated to improving the information management for an organization.

emsCharts Features

emsCharts consists of the following modules:


Medical Records

Designed from a clinical prospective, this module provides complete electronic charting capabilities to eliminate Patient Care Record (PCR) errors and maintain pertinent information. The Medical Records module provides the following features:

Streamlined data entry with dialog and drop down menus
Clinically driven system design to mirror patient care
Flexible user defined system configuration
Instant access to information for improved patient healthcare
Customized data elements to meet service's specific needs
Electronic exports of PCR to the state level
HIPAA compliance with quality assurance locks and security privileges
Minimal redundant data entry for time savings and consistency
Detail activity logs documenting patient care
Form letter templates for Medicare, reporting, and customer support purposes
Supply tracking for improved inventory control
Infinite reporting capabilities with text and graphic presentations
Built in PCR audit process for improved quality control


Quality Assurance

Designed to provide an audit trail for monitoring all aspects of critical care and emergency transport services.

Custom QA process for controlling and monitoring PCR
Real time chart review for improved patient care
Real time procedure monitoring of employee performance
Comprehensive reporting for QA program
Real time risk management reporting, tracking, and event trends


Chart Summaries

Displays information from patient demographics and chart data to assist in the reimbursement process.

Exports information to external billing package or 3rd party service to eliminate  redundant data entry
Provides Utilization Reviews to ensure that sufficient documentation has been completed
Collaborates with supply tracking for inventory demands and costs


Human Resources

Maintains and controls personnel records and documents

Pay sheet tracks employee hours for reporting control and payroll generation
Call off roster controls shift coverage and tracks employee work performance
Personnel records maintain static employee demographic information



Provides an automated process to identify, categorize, and prioritize marketing efforts to increase vehicle trips

Efficient marketing resource management for increased ROI (Return On Investment)
Manages and tracks costs to assist in budgeting
Measures Outreach results to maintain increased Market-Place Perfusion
Forecasts and manages labor resources, Actions, and Deliverables
Increases flight requests


Provides the ability to improve communications between management, employees, peers and volunteers.

Message board provides a forum for message postings and replies
Special Reports keep everyone informed of incidents and events
Calendar provides space to schedule events and meetings
Phone message area allows for electronic message taking
Links area shares outside resources in one central location

System Requirements
Internet Explorer is required to run emsCharts.  A 17" monitor is recommended; 15" monitor is the minimum (1024 x 768 minimum resolution).  A sound card is required for use of continuing education module.


emsCharts can run on most Windows, Apple and LINUX operating systems.  Contact our offices if you are unsure whether your system meets the minimum requirements.


Frequently Asked Questions

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