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emsCharts Announces New Products and Enhancements at Annual User Conference
Enhanced Analytics package, NEMSIS updates, and Hospital Status Board coming to emsCharts


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - April 30, 2015 - Today during the emsCharts 2015 Annual User Conference, emsCharts announced new products and features including an enhanced analytics component to their web-based patient charting solution and the development of a Hospital Status Board system.

During the Product Roadmap session, Pete Goutmann, President and Chief Technology Officer at emsCharts demonstrated new analytics functionality currently in development for the EMS software package. Building from a strong foundation in analytics laid by emsCharts' parent company, Golden Hour Data Systems, Inc., emsCharts Analytics will allow users to answer complex questions by clicking through views and tables while dynamically resorting and filtering data.

Also present with Goutmann for the demonstration was Golden Hour Chief Technology Officer, Eric Fleming, who stated, "Golden Hour is well known as an industry leader in analytics and reporting. emsCharts and Golden Hour have been collaborating with each other on many technologies and products. We are pleased to demonstrate the functionality of emsCharts Analytics today."

In addition to the analytics package, emsCharts is also developing a Hospital Status Board system, which will allow EMS providers to communicate bi-directionally with the Emergency Department via the emsCharts Mobile charting application. "The E.D. can view patients en route, know when they will arrive, and assign room numbers before the ambulance pulls into the bay," says Mr. Goutmann. "The goal is to reduce transfer of care time, close the loop on continuity of care, and ultimately improve patient outcomes." Goutmann continues, "Coupling this product with our Hospital EMR interfaces already in place in several large hospital systems provides a powerful, completely integrated technology solution for improved patient care."

Adam Mihlfried, Director of Software Development at emsCharts, provided to the User Conference audience an update on the timeline for NEMSIS v3 testing and compliance. The emsCharts products have completed the pre-testing stage and are now entering the NEMSIS compliance testing phase, which is expected to take a minimum of 6 weeks to complete.

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